The Band
Sleeping in Circles on stage

Sleeping in Circles are an American Rock and Alternative band from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. The band formed in 2022 from a collection of art and music loving creatives who met via local music circles and who all just couldn’t get enough 70’s & 90’s bands, & indie artists.

Their unique brand of entertainment fuses melody laced chorus grooves through original songwriting, and live action sounds that bring resonance to frequencies coming from this region. The band brings unique energy, charisma, and an enthusiastic love of performing for audiences that will make you want to find the answers to your deepest questions, or maybe eat a pizza at 2 A.M.

As one of Arkansas’ newest bands on scene, Sleeping in Circles have completed production on their latest EP release entitled Grey.

“This music makes me feel things! That’s saying something!” – Brandon Curd, Fan testimonials.


Sleeping in Circles are:

Kyle Thornton: Guitars/Vocals

Sean Rowe: Drums/Vocals

Jonathan Dodson: Bass

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